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My name is Alexa Young

Hello, I'm Gabbi! It's nice to meet you!

I'm 29 years old and I have been doing hair for 3 years! I graduated cosmetology school in 2020 at Summit Salon Academy here in Anderson. I fell in love very fast with brightly colored hair while in school, so I decided to specialize in fashion colors. These are my most favorite hair colors to create. I love that I get to custom mix colors to make each one of my clients' hair unique. 


I've been married to my best friend since October 22nd 2022. We have two dogs, one named Gibbs and other is named Bailey. They are my babies and I love walking them and cuddling with them. I change my hair color monthly (don't be shocked if I look different at every one of your appointments lol). I love Halloween and all things pumpkin. I hate sweating so fall is by far my favorite season. I love making people laugh, I love getting tattoos, drinking iced coffee, talking about Jesus, and talking about dogs!


Salon Twelve: Seven is my home salon, in downtown Anderson. I work with the very best people who encourage me and make me laugh. I am so beyond blessed to call these stylists my friends!

I can't wait to have you in my chair! I am a safe space for when you need someone to talk to! I am a mental health advocate and I strive to make all of my guests feel welcome and comfortable! I love meeting people from all different walks of life! I'm here to make this an enjoyable experience for you! We also have coffee/water and have snacks for you to enjoy! Please feel free to help yourself! 


facebook: Gabbrielle Kitcoff

Instagram: Gabbrielle_Kitcoff

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